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I get sent some awesome items to review and test. Here is where you can view some of the items and my experience with them. If your business would like to be apart of this page and featured on my social media platforms please send me an email.



XD-50 II Thermal Monocular

I was super excited to get this Night Tech Thermal and now that its back in their hands I'm a bit lost. This piece of equipment is a must have to step up anyone's hunting game, gosh I even used it to check our water tanks and see what the dogs were barking at.

The XD-50 II Thermal Monocular was easy to use, compact and light weight. It included a built in photo and video recording system and WiFi so you can live stream to a device so its super easy to share your findings. I particularly love the laser pointer to help pin point targets in the dark to those around me. I would definitely recommend pairing on of these with a scope to completely avoid the use of lights.


It had a great battery life with a standby mode to reduce battery use, multiple colour options including black, white, red hot and colour mode and easy eye adjustments. Keen to see what they send me next!

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