Up to the age of 13 I lived in the middle of Geelong City, Victoria, yet somehow the country life style had called me onto greener pastures. I was 19 when I got my first farming job on a small Merino Stud in Wedderburn, Victoria and that was the spark to my now huge passion for farming. 

I studied Agriculture in highschool as there wasn't many courses that I was interested in. I rememeber my teacher telling me that we were so important, we were the future of the industry, that we were a dying race. Kids and even young adults who are interested in Agriculture are a gift and need to be supported in  every way they can!


" I take risks and if I want to do something, I do it"

I think I personally have an exciting story to tell, one that is much to long for a small website page. Now I ​don't look for sympathy, but I would like to share more of my life to encourage people and inspire them that things can get better and even people like me have bad days. 

To break it down as best I can my first hurdle was getting diagnosed with anxiety when I was 16, I actually learnt very quickly how to deal with it and find humour in the worst of don't times. After that I got diagnosed with severe Hip Dysplasia when I was 17 which resulted in 3 hip operations when I was in year 12, spending 7 months of the year on crutches or in a wheel chair is a tough gig but I learnt how to do wheelies in the wheel chair which is a cool bonus. Just 3 months after I recovered from my third hip operation I had a serious horse riding accident which left me dead for 3 minutes, a shattered pelvis, fractured spine, internal bleeding in my bladder, kidneys and liver, short term memory loss and PTSD. This was without a doubt a turning point in my life!

This accident is what made me who I am today, I take everything less serious, I let my unique personality shine, I take risks and if I want to do something, I do it. I have my days without a doubt, living with memory loss and anxiety is a fun experience to say the least but I like to tell myself that I'm learning how to deal with it. Living my lifestyle is stressful and somedays I want to throw it all away, but when I see or read about people who have been inspired by my work, it makes it all worth while at the end of the day.